Visit Storforsen’s new padel hall!

welcome to storforsen padel

Just 30 minutes from Hotel Villa Sparta you will find Storforsen’s padel hall – Click on the link below to book!
More information can be found further down the page.

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good to know

Where is it located?

By Hotel Storforsen (Bredsel 105, 942 95 Vidsel). About 30 minutes by car.

How do I book and price?

Go to and search for Storforsen or click on the link higher up on the page (you reserve and pay via Matchi), price is 400 SEK / hour.

How do I get into the facility?

You will receive a code in your booking confirmation from Matchi which is used for the gate, the service building and the padel facility. The code works 45 minutes before and after booked time. The lights will be switched on automatically 5 minutes before booked time.

Can I buy/rent equipment?

Rackets are available for rent and balls can be bought on site.

Where do I park?

Parking is available just outside the padel facility, please note that you will need an access code to the gate (this is sent with your booking confirmation), see map lower down on this page.

Are there any changing rooms on site?

In the service building you will find changing rooms, showers, sauna and toilets (in the padel facility there are also toilets), shower cards can be bought in the padel facility, see map lower down on this page.

Can I buy beverages/candy on site?

Yes! There is a vending machine on site.